Dragon Star, Goblin Moon

Campaign Journal #1

The Journal of Aydenor Narsilance
Erathday, Aprantus 1, 1017 A.G.

Once I completed my morning meditations, I decided that I should maintain a journal of my exploits should I perish during my travels. It would be my hope that such writings be delivered to my parents so they may know what became of their only son.

Where to begin…

I arrived in Fallcrest early in the morning via the King’s Road from the southwest once I emerged from the Harken Forest. There were few deer in the forest, with it being Spring I expected more. Instead, I found many wolf tracks and I did my best to meld into the forest to avoid any of the vile creatures. I was bold to be traveling to Arantus alone, but not foolish enough to let myself be overwhelmed in a region where the fairer peoples are outnumbered and often outmatched. Alas, with this being Erathday, it would be wise to keep the day reserved for rest.

I wouldn’t have even ventured to the far away Nentir Vale if it weren’t for the words of my father. He said to seek out his friend, Ressilmae Starlight—now High Priest of the Moonsong Temple in Fallcrest, and I intended to do so at some point. The word around the region when I asked about the elf is that he is very fond of children, yet I was not much for their company when I was one. At least the man could be trusted, and was even an adventurer before choosing a more sedentary profession. The fact that my father too was an adventurer before meeting my mother is something that concerns my own destiny. Perhaps staying away from women will prolong my career abroad.

The Nentir Inn is a decent enough place, for those who prefer the trappings of living in a town, but a chill wind slips through the seams of my room. Still, I will sleep a little more soundly knowing there is another elf, Peli v’Aan Helisor, somewhere close and looks to be of a refined bloodline. Later I learned he is an Eladrin from a noble family in Shinaelestra. And he is a Lord, although he doesn’t go around bragging about that. We also met a tiefling, Gorelick, and I was taught to avoid such creatures before I knew how they came to being. After a few drinks, Peli said we should join him on an adventure starting in the morning and we agreed. For however long I’ll be traveling with a tiefling, I’ll maintain a tighter grasp on my coins and keep my eyes open for any mischievous behavior. I believe that everyone should pursue their own destinies, but not at the expense of honest folk. –Aydenor Narsilance, Warden


And so it began. Forward unto dawn!

Campaign Journal #1

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