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Campaign Journal #11

Campaign Journal #11
A Record of Events by Uriah Orlok
Korday, Aprantus 11 through Korday, Aprantus 17, 1017 A.G.

Alas, spring does bring changes…

The day began with Selbin and I conversing over the prospect of finding another guard for the teleportation circle and the tower itself; a guard that could be trusted because of Selbin’s unique predicament. Also, on a more humorous note, we discussed our mutual dissatisfaction with Tobolar. Before long, Mari and Peli arrived at the tower too. I explained to them, an inebriated Ungus too, that I wished for them all to reside in the tower so we were all together as a Company. Furthermore, I could use this week of rest to improve the living conditions and help them prepare custom rooms. Because the Septarch’s Tower was once home to a guild, I felt that our living there is closer to what the builders intended. However many years Nimozaran spent alone with Tobolar is likely what caused the rumors about Nimozaran’s poor memory.

Mari then explained that when we were waiting for Irontooth and his brigade to show up, she had all day to think about our accomplishments and the efforts we have put forth thus far. She came to the conclusion that she should refocus her training and personal goals towards a more noble profession with inherent virtuous aims. She said:

“Because we are taking a rest in town, at the request of Lord Warden Markelhay, this is an opportune time for me to forgo being a slayer to assume the mantle of a knight. Perhaps, when I have completed my training, the Lord Warden may grant me the official title of Dame Mari Roemer, the Iron Knight of Fallcrest. In addition, after seeing Peli use his bow with great success, I am inspired to use a long bow as well. The crossbow has proven to be clumsy and cumbersome to reload.”

We then, minus Ungus, went with Mari to present such a change that he would then have to approve and invest the necessary equipment and men to train her. Faren, recognizing the advantages of Mari becoming a knight, said that he would put smiths to work fashioning her a custom suit of full-plate armor. And when a certain Captain Nathan returned from escorting some builders to Vanamere’s Tower, he would oversee Mari’s training and make the recommendation or not if Mar is worthy of a title. If she passed the training, Faren said that he would be able to have her own horse, which meant not borrowing one anymore, and even obtain the services of a squire. Of course, Mari wouldn’t be able to decide upon such things then. Besides the efforts of Captain Nathan, Peli and I offered to motivate Mari during the week of training.

On the twelfth, Nimozaran woke up fully and went to the tower. He told us that he has been raised from the dead six times already and didn’t want to be raised a seventh. To me he explained that the real reason he sent letters out for an apprentice was so that Serago could have an apprentice and said candidate was me. Nimozaran then said that he wished to have a small library and laboratory set up on the second floor where he can still utilize his talents. For Tobolar, he said that the Halfling could continue to serve him while living on the ground floor. Regarding Serago, I said that I refrained from awakening the deceased wizard on my own and instead waited for him, Nimozaran, to recover. Nimozaran’s desire was for Serago and I to fully awaken Serago so that I wouldn’t have to spend precious resources every time I wanted to speak to my new arcane master. Then we did use some alchemical reagents to cause the silver skull to stir. Nimozaran formally introduced Serago to me, explained my noble upbringing, and informed him that I had been named the new High-Septarch. The conversation ended soon after and during the rest of the next few days we focused on having Mari train for her new role.

During the evening of the fourteenth, there was a ceremony recognizing the official charter of our Company of the Golden Horn at the Moonstone Keep. Present were Fallcrest’s council, prominent and wealthy people from the community, but not all were glad to observe festivities in our honor. By the seventeenth, Captain Nathan gave Mari a strong recommendation for knighthood and the ceremony for her was that evening. There were less people at the Keep then, but it was a pleasant experience with Faren’s family and our Company. It was the second time we all appeared together in our livery, and the first for Mari to dress in her new armor. After the ceremony we talked with Faren in private. He said a woman named Mara Kres from the village for Col-Fen requires our brand of assistance at once. Then we could proceed onto Tor’s Hold to investigate the claims made by Arianna of a bullywug infestation. We agreed to set out in the morning, regardless of the stupor Ungus allowed himself to entertain during the week of rest.

Red wax seal

Uriah Orlok, High Septarch of Fallcrest



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