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Campaign Journal #18

Campaign Journal #18
A Record of Events by Uriah Orlok
Erathday, Aprantus 25, 1017 A.G.

Some say, “We’re born into the grave…”

Perhaps at seeing the quality of my work or just pure jealousy that I enchanted some equipment for Mari and myself, Peli urged me to enchant his newer great-bow and his armor. I spent the first two hours of the morning doing just that, but I felt that Peli wanted a different type of enchantment for his armor, but I could not provide it for him. At some point Serago informed us that the Rift is over a pocket of the Shadowfell full of undead and is a favorite spot for Orcus. The long dead wizard then brought up the idea of seeing Faren or not to update him on what has transpired and what we were planning to do. There was even a teleportation circle near the Keep in a cemetery, so transportation there would only take ten minutes. Of course, Serago’s presence would draw any undead to us. After much deliberation, we went and got permission to head to the Keep on the Shadowfell, however, without the full capacities of Ungus, we thought it would be a better idea to venture somewhere less perilous.

With this in mind, we decided to help out the Woodsinger Elves deal with the threat facing them so that they could, in turn, help out the resistance against the Iron Circle. It was decided to see them first before dealing with their issues. Mari has Tantron shadow-walk, ironically going in and out of the Shadowfell during the process, straight to the Elves’ camp. We got to a clearing and cleared out of Tantron so that Mari could return it to figurine form. Soon after we were surrounded by members of the Woodsingers and it did not take long for us to be escorted to their chieftain. We explained our presence and our desire to help them. Peli was given a vial of green dragon blood that is used to activate the fey teleportation circles. Their troubles were sourced to a skeletal mage named Yisarn dwelling in the nearby Dal Nystiere. They told us that they would know if and when we defeated Yisarn so that we wouldn’t have to return to them.

Heading to a different clearing, Mari used Tantron again and we teleported to the ruins of Dal Nystiere and saw a scene similar to the one where we ambushed an Iron Circle caravan. However, this one had a broken down wagon, ruined buildings around it and large spider webs in the trees around us. Just after Mari dismissed Tantron, four large spiders attack us and so did three goblins, which emerged from the wagon. The goblins charged at Peli and Mari, but missed their attacks. Ungus and Nevitash still didn’t seem to have the capacity to fight. Mari had already smashed one goblin into the ground when the spiders jumped down from their trees, but only one managed to bite Peli as they jumped away. Peli moved closer to Mari in the circle and shot the spider that bit him. The goblins flanked Peli and one struck him. Mari flattened the goblin at Peli’s back and then charged the closest spider she could see. I felled the last goblin with a magic missile and waited for the spiders to attack me. Spiders jumped in to flank both Peli and I, leaving me bloody from their efforts. Peli, to avoid the biting spiders, fey-stepped atop a plinth and shot a spider. Mari drew a spider to her and cracked its carapace with her maul. With so many enemies in front of me, I couldn’t resist lighting them on fire and killed a spider with my efforts. Two of the remaining three spiders attacked Mari. The other attacked Bastian and they all retreated back to the trees. Peli shot up a one, so did Mari, and I finished off the one that Mari pummeled with a blue bolt. The two spiders missed attacking Peli and Mari—the two of them, in turn, finished the arachnids off.

Free to do so, I inspected the pedestal in the center of the circle and say many runes that told me that a little dragon’s blood could be used to teleport to another circle in the network. Instead of spending lots of time finding an alternative entry into Yisarn’s hideout, Peli administered two drops of blood to the pedestal and we, minus Ungus and Nevitash, were teleported underground and we were immediately faced with six goblins and two caged drakes. Knowing that the drakes would be a detriment to the battle, I felled the goblin closest to the cages and moved myself against a wall. Mari charged a goblin to our right and killed it. Bastian moved next to me on the wall for the time being. Peli fey-stepped to a raised section of the room with an office-look to it. He then shot a goblin, the one giving orders, on the staircase leading to his new position. Two of the goblins got the drakes’ cages open and tree attacked Mari afterward. Their leader went down the stair and went towards its allies. It then made a cold-burst zone that hurt Mari and Bastian. I unleashed fire on the closest two goblins and the closest drake still in his cage. Mari missed her attack on the last minor goblin and so did her squire. Peli shot the goblin leader with three arrows and it stayed standing. The drakes emerged from their cages and flanked me, but missed their bite attacks. The goblins were equally successful and then the leader moved closer to me. I finished off the leader with a magic missile and Mari killed the last goblin in the room. Peli shot two arrows, one per drake, and drew the blood from the one I burned. The drakes came at me with their maws again, but this time one bit me. I force orbed the drakes, blooding the other one and finished off the burnt one with a magic missile. Peli came down the stairs a bit and shot the last drake dead and shot it again for good measure.

I then cut off the goblin heads and put those in one cage and their bodies in the other. Peli caught our attention where he realized some of his flesh appeared to rot. I went closer to where he had been standing and saw a host of arcane runes of necromantic origin that we the culprit in Peli’s wounds. I told him the effects were temporary and then laid my eyes on what I call the “Bone Throne” and I had Mari retrieve it so we could put it in with the other furniture Tantron keeps nice and tidy. In the room were found some scrolls tubes with maps to Elven crypts, a skull-topped rod, and also a book by an Eladrin wizard. Of the two sets of double doors to the room beyond, Peli picked one so I could peek in. I couldn’t see far into the room because of the architecture. I wanted to get a better look and found myself in a spiked pit. It was a painful and frustrating experience. Why the wizard is going first is beyond me, but I guess my movement springs from my impatience, especially when dealing with necromancers and evil magic. I stood up in the pit, but didn’t bother to escape seeing that I was already close to a serious injury.

Mari jumped over my head and I heard her crash her maul into a skeleton. I then heard a large spider come closer. Peli jumped over my head next and I heard him shoot the skeleton. I hit a spike with a magic missile in frustration and then climbed out next to Peli. Now I could see this battle and Mari missing the skeleton this time around. The spider attacked her next, but missed and so did Yisarn. There were actually two skeletal fighters in the room, who flanked Mari and one hit her. Peli shot a skeleton again. Yisarn moved to a corner of the room so I created a dimensional door and teleported through it to stand between Yisarn and a lever. I made an acid mire in the area around Yisarn. He tried to attack me, but missed. Then I force orbed the trio of enemies around Mari. The spider shot some web at Mari that left her blinded and restrained, and then the spider went invisible. Yisarn, still in my magic acidic mire, felt the corrosive effect on his bones and he started to run out of it. On his way out I hit him with my staff. He then shot an icy dart and Mari, but missed. Peli strummed his great bow at Yisarn and let another arrow loose on the spot where we last saw the large spider, but the arrow just fell to the floor. Mari readied herself to be attacked by the spider, despite her condition and then shook the webs off of her like they were dust. The spider appeared just as it attacked Mari. Yisarn missed a lightning blast on Peli, Mari, and the spider. Seeing his multiple failures, he tried to escape the room via the way we came in, and he failed to jump over the pit and met the spikes. Peli shot an arrow directly into the spider’s head and killed it. I moved liked the wind right next to the pit and gave Yisarn a blue bolt that never misses. Mari came next to me, dropped her maul and pulled out her long bow to send the mage back into the abyss.

The mage dead, I used my mage hand to relieve Yisarn of keys. Then we went around to room finding three small agates, a ring of Eladrin design, and a bag of holding. I, with some help, put the bodies from this room in my acid mire to dissolve them. There was another set of doors at the western edge of the room and the keys I found unlocked them. The path beyond led to the surface ruins and we retrieved Ungus and Nevitash so that they could pass the night with us inside the safe hideout. There was likely time in the day to do more and even reach the infamous Keep, but I, for one, was too worn out to risk another battle this day.

Red wax seal

Uriah Orlok, High Septarch of Fallcrest


The intro line of this journal is from the song “Them Bones” by Alice in Chains.

Campaign Journal #18

Nice touch.

Campaign Journal #18

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