Bastian Kamroth

Squire, adopted by Lord Armos Kamroth but later disowned


Bastian kamroth


This young man of fifteen was purchased from a poor family and adopted at the age of three by Lord Armos Kamroth, whose wife always wanted a platinum blonde-haired child. As he grew older, Bastian’s hair darkened somewhat and Lady Kamroth became increasingly displeased with him because of it. Eventually, Bastian was treated worse than a common servant by his adopting parents and he was ultimately disowned by Lord Kamroth. Unable to endure further mistreatment, three months ago Bastian fled the Kamroth household to seek refuge at Moonstone Keep. Lord Warden Faren Markelhay charged him to serve as squire to Dame Mari Roemer of The Company of the Golden Horn, an assignment that Bastian was eager to accept.

Bastian Kamroth

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