Ernesto Markelhay (Etupio)

Squire, and son of Faren and Allande Markelhay


The eldest son of Lord Faren Markelhay and his wife, Allande, Ernesto is a handsome, intelligent, affable, and trustworthy lad just shy of seventeen years. Though not gifted with exceptional athleticism, he is an over-achiever who strives to excel at all tasks he undertakes.


Ernesto served as squire to Baron Stockmer of Harkenwold until both were burned at the stake by occupying forces of The Iron Circle. Allande Markelhay possessed a piece of Ernesto’s little finger from a ransom note that was sent to her a few weeks before his death and used it to have her son raised from the dead. Because the current Ernesto remembers little of his former life, he has elected to go by the name Etupio, deriving from Ernesto 2.0.

Ernesto Markelhay (Etupio)

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