evil chaotic tiefling able to pick pockets faster than a locomotive.


AC 16, Fort 10, REF, 16, WILL 13
HP 23, bloodied 11
STR 10
CON 11
DEX 18
INT 12
CHA 16

Best Skill: Stealth Dexterity 11 followed by Thievery and Streetwise


Growing up on the mean streets of Hammerfast meant looking out for oneself and watching your back. Being a member of the illegal and secretive thieves guild meant trusting no one and gaining stature in the guild through cunning, betrayal and ruthless ambition. Gorelick had to leave town quickly after a certain incident caused him to have a falling out with the guild. He was hounded out of town and left just in time to avoid being marked as an outcast. His hope is to one day return to Hammerfast, kill the current guild leadership and take it over, just like the current president did. In the meantime, there are plenty of suckers he can take for a ride and bilk out of money by hiring on with all the mercenary adventurers out there who are also down on their luck.


Dragon Star, Goblin Moon PrimrosePaladin