Katuun Opokor

Dragonborn Cleric of Pelor


Katuun Opokor (kah-TOON oh-POE-kor)

Katuun Opokor is a descendant of the Flamebrow Clan, a dragonborn clan that was nearly wiped out in the years following the fall of the Arkhosian Empire. Wandering the world for centuries through vast deserts and icy wastelands, the Flamebrows suffered great deprivations, many perished. The few that survived developed close ties to humans and their civilizations, including a deep and abiding respect for the human tendency to excel at agriculture.

Before he was hatched, Katuun’s egg was colored a bright yellow except for a single large, red-orange spot. For this reason, he was given the childhood name “Sunspot”. Now fully into adulthood at age sixteen, many of Katuun’s oldest friends and acquaintances still prefer to call him by his childhood name.

As is the custom among dragonborn, Sunspot’s mother left the family when he turned three years old, and the child was therafter raised solely by his father, Moko Opokor, who gave him a keen sense of justice and responsibility. Moko trained his child with the javelin and taught him how to find healing herbs in the wilderness. Moko also spent years training Sunspot to gain mastery of his fiery breath weapon, teaching him the technique of accurately hurling it in a compact orb of flame as far as 50 feet away, culminating in a controlled but deadly burst in all directions. Moko would often repeat to his son, “A dragonborn who cannot master control of his own breath weapon surely has little hope of mastering anything greater in life.” Moko’s last gift to his son was his adult name, Katuun, which translates to “Flamekeeper” in the dragonborn tongue.

From an early age, Sunspot was drawn to the idea of spending his life in service to the god Pelor, lord of the sun, summer, and bountiful harvests. Sunspot left his father permanently at the age of twelve and after months of wandering westward he found his way to the Nentir Vale and was accepted by a zealous dwarf priest of Pelor named Grundelmar as an assistant priest in service to The House of the Sun, a temple of Pelor in the town of Fallcrest. Katuun seeks to serve Pelor as a healer first, and a warrior when needed. Katuun has little regard for most dragons, with their tendencies toward arrogance, haughtiness, greed, and self-indulgence being counter to his most deeply held beliefs. Moko has managed to visit his son at the temple every now and again, and is very proud of Katuun and the course he has chosen for his life.

Katuun Opokor

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