Uriah Orlok

Human Wizard; Leader of the Company of the Silver Skull


Appearance Summary: 5’9”; 160; long black hair; blue eyes; stubble beard; wears well-crafted cloth vestments with a high collar.

Hold Portal

  • Component Cost = 1 healing surge; Market Price: 50gp
  • Duration: 10 minutes or until discharged; Category: Warding; Key Skill: Arcana
  • Time: 1 standard action
  • Description: You magically hold shut one nonmagical door, gate, window, shutter, or similar device. Your Arcana check sets the DC for the Athletics or Thievery check needed to force the held portal open, which discharges the ritual. A creature with training in Arcana can instead make an Arcana check against the same DC to discharge the ritual.

Pass Without Trace

  • Component Cost = 10gp; Market Price: 50gp
  • Duration: 8 hours; Category: Exploration; Key Skill: Nature (no check)
  • Time: 1 minute
  • Description: You and up to five allies present while you perform this ritual leave fewer tracks. The DC to track those the ritual affects increases by 5 as if you had obscured their tracks.

Create Campsite

  • Component Cost = 15gp; Market Price: 50gp
  • Duration: 8 hours; Category: Exploration; Key Skill: Nature
  • Time: 10 minutes
  • Description: You summon hundreds of diminutive nature spirits to assemble a campsite in a 5-square radius around you. The spirits clear the area, set up tents, unroll bedrolls, gather water, and prepare a nourishing meal. They also conceal the campsite, with your Nature check result serving as the DC for Perception checks to notice the hidden camp. The spirits utilize you and your allies’ gear to make the campsite. If you and your allies lack the appropriate gear, the spirits gather raw materials from the environment to make the campsite. At the end of the ritual’s duration, the spirits break down the campsite, pack up your gear, and restore the site to its original state, removing evidence that you and your allies camped there.

Born of the once noble Orlok family, with their patriarch having the title of Count during the Empire of Nerath, Uriah never knew the grandeur that previous generations once earned. He only heard stories growing up about a grand Orlok Manor on the southern shores of the Sapphire Sea during the height of the Empire. His ancestors have since been forced to flee when the empire fell and slowly wore out their welcome among their many noble relatives as the forces of dragons and goblins conquered former human settlements. A natural leader due to his intelligence and compassion, he refrains from becoming one out of fear or a lack of confidence. He might do so once he is able to reclaim his family’s former lands and the title of Count for himself and his heirs. He believes that a new empire of Nerath can come again once the hordes of goblins and dragons are removed from power or simply reduced him number.

Instead of a grand manor to inherit when he became his family’s patriarch after his father’s death from illness, Uriah is a distant cousin to Ernest Padraig, Lord of Winterhaven, and has only a small room to his name in the Padraig’s household that he once shared with his two sisters before they were married off and moved away. As a child started training to become one of Winterhaven’s few Regulars, but received a long scar across his face. The event pushed him away from martial pursuits and a newfound joy for scholarly and arcane research. Mostly under the tutelage of Valthrun, Uriah read countless books over the years in that man’s ancient five-story tower to enhance his intellect and decided to follow the tenets of Ioun.

Uriah found that Valthrun, while not an active user of the arcane arts anymore, knew of some who did that could teach Uriah to become a wizard. Because Uriah think he had clean all the abilities he could from the texts in Valthrun’s tower, he agreed to seek out one of these wizards to apprentice under. As he was preparing to travel north, Uriah was told by Valthrun that he received word from Nimozaran the Green, High Septarch of Fallcrest. The old wizard was looking for a new apprentice and it was Valthrun’s recommendation of Uriah that caused for Nimozaran to request his presence. A much closer destination than the one he had, Uriah decided to travel the over fifty miles to the southeast to reach Fallcrest and reached it by the evening of Corellday, Aprantus 3rd, 1017 A.G. Uriah, cautious of strangers coming up to him at night after days of travel, went straight to his room at the Nentir Inn and would head to the Septarch’s Tower the next morning.

Looking into the polished bronze mirror in his room at the inn, Uriah recognized his noble bearing—the square shoulders and strong jawline. He wasn’t a towering brute though and was of the shorter end compared to his father and grandfather who were warriors. Despite what most people had said in Winterhaven, he didn’t think he was a handsome man because of his facial scars and he only sees his flaws.

Uriah Orlok

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