Superior Stonevein Stout

Custom Potion of Healing

Superior Stonevein Stout – Level 10 Uncommon

As you uncork this wineskin, chilly tendrils 
of mountain air escape and rise slowly upward.

Consumable: Potion        200 gp

Utility Power (Healing)   

Consumable (Minor Action)

Effect: You drink the stout.  
  It tastes like snow but burns like fire.  

  Make an endurance check (DC 20). 

  If you fail your endurance check, you 
  grant combat advantage and you suffer a -2 
  penalty to insight and perception checks 
  until you complete a short rest. In addition, 
  you do not lose a healing surge and you do 
  not gain any hit points.  
  If you succeed on your endurance check, spend 
  a healing surge. Instead of the hit points you 
  would normally regain, you regain 3d8 + 10 hit 
  points and a +4 attack bonus on your next attack. 

  If you drink the stout and do not have any 
  healing surges, you do not gain any hit points 
  but must make an endurance check.
    Success: No effect
    Failure: See above

Superior Stonevein Stout

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