Adventure Sites

Unexplored Adventure Sites

NameLocationRegionWorld or PlaneTeleportation CircleDescription
Andok SurThe Old HillsNentir ValeArantusNoBuried beneath the oldest section of the Old Hills and said to be holy to the followers of Orcus.
Crestwater TowerThe Witchlight FensNentir ValeArantusNoAn abandoned tower on the edge of the Fens, rumored to be inhabited by a band of goblinoid slavers
Goblin MansionKiris DahnNentir ValeArantusYesA town overrun by goblins; also lair of the Brass Dragon, Tyristys
UndermountainWaterdeepnorthwest FaerunTorilYesOne of Serago’s favorite dungeons to explore as a young man

Explored Adventure Sites

NameLocationRegionWorld or PlaneTeleportation CircleDescription
Cairn of the Winter KingDawnforge PeaksNentir ValeArantusYesLair of the Winter King and the young white dragon, Thrymzen
Dal NystiereHarkenwoldNentir ValeArantusYesA wizard’s underground sanctuary near the camp of the Woodsinger Elves
Gardmore AbbeyGardbury DownsNentir ValeArantusYesOnce a temple of Bahamut, now a haunted and dangerous ruin.
Keep on the ShadowfellWinterhaven (nearby)Nentir ValeArantusYesA sealed portal to the Shadowfell
Kobold HallCloak WoodNentir ValeArantusYesLair of the White Dragon Wyrmling, Farralax
Minotaur TempleMoon HillsNentir ValeArantusYesLair of Malareth the Red
Mother Gerd’s CottageCloak WoodNentir ValeArantusNoLair of Mother Gerd
Saruun KhelThunderspireNentir ValeArantusYesThe Mages of Saruun
Shadowhaunt MausoleumCol FenNentir ValeArantusNoResting place of the Kaius Warlords
Temple of AvandraEarthmoteEarthmoteElemental ChaosYesWeeping Aspect of Avandra
Toadwallow CavernsTor’s Hold (nearby)Nentir ValeArantusNoBullywug lair
Vanamere’s TowerCloak Wood (nearby)Nentir ValeArantusYesRuined wizard’s tower being rebuilt by dwarf masons

Adventure Sites

Dragon Star, Goblin Moon PrimrosePaladin