Art Objects and Gems


Item Description Cost (gp) Quantity
Ancient black coins (Kuiperia) Made of heavy black metal, “Sky Metal”. Found in a treasure chest in the Shadowfell ? 16
Art Objects, various, including several alchemical and arcane accoutrements Found in Acererak’s lair 250,000
Astral Diamonds Found in Acererak’s lair 100,000 6
Eladrin Ring (Peli) 350 1
Fur cloak (Kuiperia) White ermine, with gold clasp embedded with sapphires 500 1
Gems Found on Frost Giants’ ship and lair 540 10
Gems Found in Wildfire’s (Fire Titan’s) lair 1000 18
Gems Found in Acererak’s lair 5000 15
Gems Found in Wildfire’s (Fire Titan’s) lair 5000 2
Gold necklace (Kuiperia) Inlaid with diamonds and rubies, found in Gnoll’s lair 400 1
Map of Thunderspire Labyrinth (Kuiperia) Purchased from Gendar the Drow 250 1
Sky Metal Recovered from the Fey Engine, Shadow Engine, and Elemental Engine Unknown value 102 lbs
Starbane Venom Magenta colored liquid in vials, taken from the Tower of Mysteries library Unknown value 1
Coin Quantity Conversion
Platinum 100 pp A platinum piece is worth 100 gold pieces
Gold 1620 gp A gold piece is worth 10 silver pieces.
Silver 0 sp A silver piece is worth 10 copper pieces.

Magic Items

Item Level Rarity Cost (gp) Owned By
Acrobat Boots 2 Uncommon 520 Kuiperia
Acrobat Boots 2 Uncommon 520 Morthwyl
Aegis Blade (Broadsword) +1 3 Uncommon 680 Laurence
Amulet of Physical Resolve +1 2 Common 520 Peli
Belt of Feral Might 3 Common 680 Morthwyl
Breaching Armor +1 (Leather) 3 Uncommon 680 Peli
Burglar’s Gloves 1 Common 360 Kuiperia
Chainmail of Adaptable Resistance +2 9 Uncommon 9000 Groa
Cloak of the Walking Wounded +1 4 Uncommon 840 Morthwyl
Deadblast Bone 19 Uncommon 105000 Groa or Ungus (?)
Dwarven Chainmail +2 7 Uncommon 2600 Morthwyl
Dwarven Thrower Maul +2 7 Uncommon 2600 Morthwyl
Elven Cloak +2 7 Common 2600 Kuiperia
Feather Boat 14 Uncommon 21000 Peli (gift from Lord Calenon Thray, the Governor of the city of Shinaelestra)
Flaming Weapons +1 (4) 5 Uncommon 1000 gp each Hand Crossbow, Greatbow, Maul, Staff
Frost Weapons +1 (4) 3 Uncommon 680 gp each Hand Crossbow, Greatbow, Maul, Staff
Gauntlets of the Blood War 26 Uncommon 1,125,000 Found in Acererak’s lair
Gem of Seeing 12 Uncommon 13000 Kuiperia (Found on Legatus Dythan)
Handy Haversack 10 Uncommon 5000 Peli (Gift from his relative, Agapanthus)
Incisive Dagger +2 9 Uncommon 4200 Ungus (Enchant Magic Item)
Iron Armbands of Power +2 6 Uncommon 1800 Morthwyl
Magic Weapon +2 (Dagger) 6 Common 1800 Kuiperia
Medic’s Amulet +2 9 Uncommon 4200 Ungus (Enchant Magic Item)
Sending Stone (one of a matched pair) 11 Uncommon 9000 (for the pair) Peli (found on the Orc chieftain, Bakrosh, at Gardmore Abbey)
Shadowfell Signet 19 Uncommon 105000 (for the pair) Ungus (found on Thar Rhakzar)
Staff of Unparalleled Vision +3 14 Uncommon 21000 Groa
Symbol of Shared Healing +2 7 Uncommon 2600 Morthwyl
Targeting Weapon +3 (Greatbow) 13 Uncommon 17000 Peli
Wildrunners 4 Uncommon 840 Peli
Wrathful Symbol of Victory +2 9 Uncommon 4200 Ungus

Ritual Components

Component Type Ritual Type Description Cost (gp)
Alchemical Reagents Arcana Typically these are small vials full of powdered metals, rare earths, acids, salts, or extracts from creatures such as dragons or basilisks. 900
Mystic Salves Heal Restoration rituals use mystic salves, dabbed or painted on the creatures to be healed. These salves come in small jars and include blessed oils and unguents made from rare spices. 0
Rare Herbs Nature Rare herbs are usually collected and preserved during certain times of year, such as when the moon is full. 0
Sanctified Incense Religion Sanctified incense is prepared during certain religious rites and is burned as a powder or a stick. 0
Residuum Any The concentrated magical substance that results from performing the Disenchant Magic Item ritual, residuum can be used as a component for any ritual. You can’t usually buy it on the open market; you acquire it by draining it out of magic items. 18920

Ritual Scrolls

Ritual Name Level Cost (gp) Quantity
Travelers’ Feast 4 35 1


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