Dragon Star, Goblin Moon

A Gift from the Dragon Emperor

Or why you'll learn to stop worrying and love your new masters

Gharwar, Emperor of Drachnydor, loves the good folk of the Nentir Vale and wishes to protect them by bringing them under his wing. Accept this wagon-load of fine food and delectable spices imported from eastern lands—some of it from Drachnyor itself—as a token of the Emperor’s love and admiration of the good folk of the Nentir Vale, soon to become his dedicated and loyal subjects.

But good people of the Nentir Vale, you must be made aware that Emperor Gharwar also loves his dragon kin, and grieves deeply that a member of his own race, an innocent and defenseless adult red dragon named Mekkalath, was recently brutally slain while minding his own business, peaceably dwelling within his own lair at a place west of here called Gardmore Abbey.

Emperor Gharwar offers as reward an astral diamond to anyone who furnishes information leading to the arrest, conviction, and execution of the cowardly thugs who committed this vile and heinous act of treachery against the Dragon Empire. This act of malice against dragonfolk is rumored to have been committed by a group of dwarves and fey creatures. If you think you can identify the suspects, please inform your nearest Starspawn friend and your information will be acted on with expediency.

A great war is coming to this land and sooner than you think. As I speak, dragons near and far are mobilizing to defend the Nentir Vale from the vile Moonspawn invaders who themselves are gathering in massive hoards to invade before winter.To afford you and your families the protection of the Empire of Drachnydor, you must depart within the next forty days. You may take refuge to the east of Mithralfast, in a region called the Dragondown Coast. Dragons will not attack those who dwell there and who pledge their allegiance to the Emperor Gharwar, greatest of all dragonkind. Do not linger here for long, for if you do your death is certain!


We respectfully decline your invitation. And here is an arrow up your butt for your troubles. The only one who lingered too long was you!

A Gift from the Dragon Emperor

Guys, remember that time when Peli attacked TWENTY Dragonborn? Yeah. good times. Classic Peli.

A Gift from the Dragon Emperor

Btw, the nearest “Starspawn friend” was a nice touch, please make sure Duane knows I especially liked that part. Reminded me of Nazi propaganda, took the speech to a whole other level of writing.

A Gift from the Dragon Emperor

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