Dragon Star, Goblin Moon

Etupio's Report on Events After Battle of Albridge

Kuiperia and Peli died during the Battle of Albridge.

Ungus and Itzehl were trampled to death by Nazin Redthorn’s horse at the end of the battle.

After the battle, a small memorial ceremony was held in honor of the Goldenhorns.

Some Harkenwolders refused to participate because they resented the involvement of the white dragons in the battle, claiming that the dragons ate two young Harkenwolders for breakfast the morning before the battle.

The adventurers’ bodies were placed on a funeral pyre and set afloat on the White River. A few miles downriver, the Reedfoot Halflings witnessed a band of Vecna cultists pull the charred remains off the funeral barge and proceed to probe the dead adventurers’ minds for secrets.

The cultists then dumped the bodies back into the river where they were fished out by the halflings and brought to the Woodsinger Elves in the southern Harken Forest.

The Woodsingers placed the Gentle Repose ritual on the bodies. They had also purchased the company’s magic items from those that had looted the bodies while they lay dead in Albridge.

Frogurt Stonevein traveled to the Woodsinger clan to accept the adventurers’ bodies and their belongings from the elves, escorting them to The Blue Grotto in Hammerfast where they were brought to be raised from the dead.



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