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Peli's Posts - #1

Peli’s Posts #1 – “Feeling Abandoned” & “Where are We?”

Corellday, Aprantus 27, 1017 A.G.

This day doesn’t seem to want to end! This afternoon we had to say goodbye to two esteemed members of our band of adventurers. Dame Mari Roemer, Knight of Fallcrest, along with her trusted squire Bastion and her magical elephant Tantron, have departed for unknown adventures on their own. Her goddess Avandra has called her to other duties, and so she must go. Using Tantron’s teleportation abilities, they just winked out and were gone. Uh, thanks for the lift back to Fallcrest Mari!!! Now, where exactly are we?? Of course I instinctively know which way is North and I could easily determine the way to get us eventually back to Fallcrest, but I also felt that it is a long, long way away from here. I have to remember that we can use our stash of Green Dragon Blood on any fey teleportation circles we find.

Uriah Orlok, our High Septarch of Fallcrest has also resigned from our group. He feels like he has let us down and that his talents are more wisely used in research and studies at The Septarch’s Tower in Fallcrest. We may see him from time to time for guidance and questions, but he will not be accompanying us in any more battles. It’s sad, because he was a good warrior despite his lack of self-esteem. Anyway, he removed his uniform, handed it to Ungus and took off in a rather rush, heading South. (Ummm, Uriah, Fallcrest is southwest!) Oh well, he needs the time to collect himself anyway. Strangely enough, without any word, the newcomer Kuiperia, who assisted us in yesterday’s battles, took off after him.

So, feeling abandoned and confused, Ungus and I sat down by the bank of the river and proceeded to get drunk on the remainder of Ungus’ Stonevein Stout. As we were on our 4th (or was it our 5th?) tankard of stout, I heard someone approaching from the East, across the river. I quickly arose and scrambled up the embankment to the western edge of the bridge. Thereupon I spied a stranger in the distance approaching. Perhaps with a slight slur to my words, I shouted “Halt, who goes there?”

The stranger appeared to be a Half-Orc, dressed in Knight’s gear. He seemed to be pleased to see the two of us as if expecting us, and yelled across the bridge saying we must come with him. (Yeah, right!) Feeling pissed that our question was ignored, I immediately withdrew a distance and readied my bow while Ungus inched closer to the bridge. Upon further questioning from Ungus, the fellow finally identified himself as Grommel Strongthorn. He stated that he had been looking for us and wanted us to accompany him thru Andok Sur, a necropolis, and continue west with him. Turns out this fellow had some kind of silver flame emblem on his shield that Ungus recognized and so Ungus instructed me to stand down and not shoot him. This was fine with me as I still had some cool stout to finish down by the river. So I went back to it and the riverbank, leaving Ungus to converse with the fellow. Ungus does that well, if you know what I mean!

So, whoa, next thing I know, this Grommel guy is jumping across the broken bridge and landing fairly on top of Ungus. Neat trick with all that heavy armor he was wearing. I thought to myself, he must be strong.

Where are we going? Are you kidding me??? We don’t know this guy! You trust him? Why? I had lots of misgivings, but with the promise of hot food, more drinks and a comfortable bed for the night, I was persuaded to just go and trust that it will all make sense eventually.

So we proceeded west to Andok Sur and passed through that evil place without an event. That in itself was unusual but I was thankful as the sun was setting and I had no wish to be there after dark. I kept asking where the inn was. Finally it got thru to me that the inn was on the western outskirts of the town. At last we came upon the inn – and none too soon because my nice buzz was wearing off and I desperately wanted some food and my beloved dandelion wine.

Seeing the inn was only occupied by two other patrons, we had our pick of tables and proceeded to a booth against the far wall so we might keep an eye on the room and the door. Ungus ordered his usual, Grommell ordered plain water (shudders) and I ordered a hot bowl of vegetable soup and a goblet of dandelion wine.

The serving girl, a common wench with an annoying accent, brought us our drinks and food. I had agreed that the cook could remove the meat from the stew they had and I would eat the rest, but I had no inkling that she would bring me a common table wine with dandelion flowers floating on top!! WTF! Already being annoyed with the wine, I then told the serving girl that she should bring us some bread, as bread was supposed to be served with soup or stew. After a few minutes, she returned to the table with a loaf of warm bread on a cutting board and a rather large bread knife. In the blink of an eye, her smile turned to a horrible grimace as she exclaimed “You want bread, here’s your bread!” and lunged at me with her bread knife. I immediately parried her blow by blocking with my long sword while at the same time Grommel tackled the wench. And what did dear OLD Ungus do? He tossed his beer at her!! He said it was the only thing he had handy and was attempting to blind her. How amusing! With much kicking and screaming, the wench was wrestled away from the table and brought to the back room where she was gagged and locked up.

The barkeep then came over to us and apologized and attempted to explain what had just happened. What I heard next sounded like something out of old Eladrin children’s stories. Things like people being possessed, an evil demon in the forest, stunning glass trees, etc. Wow, am I still recovering from all the stout? Hey Ungus, is this for real? So as far as I can determine, the barkeep says that a few months back a strange object streaked through the sky and crash landed in the nearby forest. Ever since then, on a random basis, people have been temporarily possessed by an evil force. He said that the forest had all turned to glass and that in the middle of it there was an evil demon named Xuldur.

Grommel said he wanted us to go with him and rid the area of this evil demon. We just said, hey, we be tired and we need a long rest. So we went to our rooms, Ungus for a good 8 hours sleep, and I for my good 4 hours of meditation followed by reading, writing in this journal and some studying. And so ended Correllday, my personal god’s day. I guess he has been looking out for me, huh?

Moraday, Aprantus 28, 1017 A.G.

And so a new day begins. After a hearty breakfast and lots of chicory drink, we set out westward towards the nearby forest. As we approach, we notice that the trees, the shrubs, indeed all the plants and grasses along the path have all turned to glittering glass. Beautiful to behold in the morning sun, but yet looking very sharp and deadly. I felt this was not natural and sensed the evil ahead. Once we entered the forest, I tried to lead the way and guide my comrades but they kept on stumbling about, creating all kinds of mishaps, going off the path and cutting themselves all up in the process. A safety failure to be sure, but we prevailed. (I told them those glass shards looked sharp!)

As we neared a stream we were attacked by five small glass creatures resembling a weirded up scorpion. We succeeded in dispatching them all, one by one, but not without great difficulty as each exploded into a burst of flying glass shards, causing us much pain and discomfort.

After a short rest and lots of bandages, we proceeded into the center of the forest. We came upon a clearing with lots of glass spires scattered around and in the center of the clearing stood a huge glass structure. Boldly going where no dwarf had gone before, Ungus ran out into the clearing toward one of the glass spires. Suddenly, but not without expectation of my part, we found ourselves once again being attacked by four more of the small glass scorpion-like creatures AND three larger versions of the same. A second battle ensued with more of the same attacks. And despite his shield and knight’s gear, Grommel suffered a great loss of blood. Finishing up the battle, Ungus and I just looked at each other and shook our heads before proceeding to see if we could render him first aid.

To be continued . . . .

A copy of every post will be handed out to each member of the Company of the Golden Horn and one copy posted on a news board, where possible. So feel free to comment, suggest improvements, corrections, etc.



Bolding going where no dwarf had gone before, hah! Even with the typo, made me laugh out loud.

Peli's Posts - #1

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