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Peli's Post - #116

Fare Thee Well, Blue Scarabs

Erathday, Aprantus 1, 1018 A.G. – Nenlast

It’s been just a little over three weeks since our final battle at Hammerfast and I just realized what day it is. I arrived here in the Nentir Vale exactly one year ago today! It seems like a lifetime ago. I’m feeling very alone as I write this letter to you, my dear friends. My heart has been aching ever since we said our last goodbye. Most of our wonderful powers are gone, but our experience, training and skills can’t be taken away. Nor our legacy, memories and friendship – they will live on. I know we shall remain friends forever and we will periodically unite to reminisce and maybe even help the good guys once in a while.

I started this journey on a strictly personal level. A young, know-it-all man-child, straight out of home and school for the first time, eager to see the mortal world and hopefully find my long-lost son. That quest still continues, but the journey has brought me so much more. It took me a while to find the right companions to adventure with though. In my naiveté, I thought the first couple of people I met would be good companions. Little did I know that Gorelick, a Tiefling Rogue was guided by Chaotic Evil. Or that Aydenor Narsilance – a half-elf Warden would behead an innocent little girl. After ditching those two, I was pleased to come across a fairly decent, yet slightly irritating Human Wizard, Uriah Orlock and his young cousin, Dame Mari Roemer, a valiant fighter who would later become a Knight. I will never forget her bravery and true selflessness. They stuck around for a while but then poof, they were gone. Eventually I was fortunate enough to meet the best companions one could ask for – those who would become The Blue Scarabs. Along the way, we met and said goodbye to other memorable characters who helped us for a time. There was Nevitash, the Kalashtar Warlock, Sir Grommel Stronghorn, the Half-Orc Knight, the mysterious Ariana, a Hamadryad Seeker and Sir Duggin Ironbottom, a Dwarf Knight. Then there were a couple who stayed with us longer which made us miss them all the more when they left. Of course I am fondly remembering the beautiful Human Swordmage/Wizard Laurence. Who can ever forget his face when he inadvertently summoned the old Red Tinker, Rugglesniff? Or his numerous quirky sayings? Wherever you are my friend, I hope you find what you are looking for. Then there was Lady Itzehl Oakensoul, the Hamadryad Cosmic Sorcerer who was as tough and brave as she was compassionate and protective. Itzehl became as a sister to me, sharing our Fey ancestry and rising up to become a Dark Seeker as her chosen Paragon Path. Stay strong Queen of Pomora Wood. Protect and nurture your forest and all its inhabitants.

Ernesto “Etupio” Markelhay – what could I possibly say about this remarkable young man? He and I met on my first day here in this land. He would go on to become our most trusted, loyal and brave squire. Later, it was a pleasure and honor to bestow Knighthood status upon him. His service as Captain of the Guard and Defender of the City of Argent was exemplary. He gave his life a couple of times for all that is good in this world. I am so proud of you and can only hope my own son proves to be your equal someday. You are not forgotten my friend. Hopefully someone soon will return you to the life you so deserve.

Then there was Uncle Crogan, Sir Grommel’s Human uncle who had an agenda of his own. A former member of The Blue Blades, he refused to let his past failures defeat him. Vowing to set things right, he paid the ultimate price, destroying the evil Lord Vhennyk’s Eldritch Engine. His soul lived on for a time, trapped in a strange circlet of gems but was set free when Gabbe “cleansed” Hammerfast. Rest In Peace, Uncle Crogan. We never even knew your last name!

What an unlikely friend and ally we had with a Giant Aberrant Blue Beholder Entity! Gabbe, who knew your kind could even exist in this world. Your thoughtful insight guided us through all our accomplishments. Without you we would still be dead. Thank you can never be enough dear one.

Finally I want to speak of my long-time companions who together became The Blue Scarabs, the best damn adventuring company in Arantus.

• Kuiperia, the red-headed Vryloka Rogue. We’ll never forget your stealthy way of surprising our enemies nor your extraordinary skills at trap detection. You saved us many times over and when we were trapped, you often was the one who got us out. You also surprised us with your scholarly debates with the Council of Sages in Hammerfast and plucking your eye out in order to utilize the Eye of Vecna. Oh girl, I’ll miss your antics!

• Morthwyl, the head-strong Dwarf Fighter who laughs at Dragons, delights in killing Primordials, Dragons and Demons and loves bashing down doors. Who can ever forget the time you and Analastra destroyed the Fey Eldritch Engine. We heard and felt that terrible explosion, saw how badly hurt Analastra was but when the smoke cleared, there you stood, your beard smoldering and badly burned, laughing your fool head off. Or the time you jumped down the pit riding the three-headed Dragon, beating its heads in with your hammer and bare hands. Then laughing even more when a 4th head appeared! That’s our Morthy!!

• Groa, the Great! A Wilden Invoker who, along with Morthwyl, came to help us in the midst of a great quest. You started out quiet and not quite sure of your abilities but later you became one of the fiercest spellcasters in the world. Oh Groa, the times we had! As much as you are a strong warrior, you are also a little klutzy. You were always falling down – most times not even during battle. Like the time all you had to do was walk across a rope bridge. Well, you trip on yourself, flip over the side of the bridge and hurtle 60 feet down into a river! Good thing I and my handy haversack were there to save you from being swept away in the swift current! What’s next in store for Groa? You are not sure, but perhaps you might want to explore other areas of the world. Or perhaps you might go with Gabby to The Plane of Dreams for a little while. Who knows what trouble you can get into!

• And finally, dear old Ungus. I shall miss you most of all old man. You and I have been together on these journeys the longest. Always calling me little brother even though I am twice as tall as you and twice as smart and twice as attractive and twice as – well you know I jest with you oh mighty one. Ungus, the Dwarf Cleric who used to be a humble farmer. You started out as a simple healer and fighter and became a Divine Oracle, helping guide us through our journeys. A simple twitch of your fingers or a few choice words and enemy bodies piled up from your mighty spells. You healed people as fast as you killed them – and smiled the whole time. Of course you had a penchant for drinking too much and dying too many times, but I guess that comes with the burden of being so awesome, huh? Dear old Ungus, what am I going to do without you to pick on? Who else is going to let me throw them in my haversack? I wish you well, returning to your homeland and the simple but good life of farming the land.

As for me, I am now in the city of Nenlast on the eastern shore of Lake Nen. I had recently heard rumors about my ex-girlfriend and my son. She had been living here and supporting herself and our son by working as an Arcanist. So I came here, following this rumor. Much to my dismay I found out she left here due to numerous deadly attacks by Dragons. Sadly that was 2 years before I arrived in the Nentir Vale. New rumors have it that she and the boy traveled back to the Feywild – to the beautiful fortress city of Mithrendain, also known as The Autumn City. There she serves the wizards of the Citadel Arcanum who protect the city from the Feydark. Lisiantha has a new boyfriend who works with the Watchers of the Night, a secret police force who are charged with protecting the city and its invisibility preventing wards. Unbeknownst to her, the new boyfriend is slowly recruiting her son to one day join the Watchers of the Night. She wants him to train with the Wizards, but he wants to train to be a Paladin. She calls him “Pelito” but his true name is Paellias. But the most distressing thing Peli hears rumors of is the identity of her new boyfriend. Some folks say his first name is Berrian. NNNNOOOOOOOO!!!!!!


This is so great!

Peli's Post - #116

Of course you had a penchant for drinking too much and dying too many times, but I guess that comes with the burden of being so awesome, huh? – Damn right, love you always little brother!

Peli's Post - #116

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