Dragon Star, Goblin Moon

Peli's Post - #117

The Year is Now 1023 A.G.

Excerpt from: The Journal of Lord Peli Edrik V’Aan Helisor

The Year is 1023 A.G. – The Place Is Shinaelestra

Well, you know when I left you at our last battle in Hammerfast, I traveled back up to the Lake Nen area. I had heard that my ex-girlfriend, Lisiantha might have been in the town of Nenlast. When I got there, I found she indeed had been there for a few years but had left two years before I even arrived in the Nentir Vale. I also heard she had gone back to the city of Mithrendain in the Feywild and taken up with someone disagreeable to me, to say the least. Anyway, so I left there and went back to visit my Uncle Agapanthus again in Forgehome to see how they fared after the “cleansing”. All was well there so I only stayed a couple of weeks.

Next I went back home to Shinalaestra since it had been over a year since I saw my Lord Father and Lady Mother. I was welcomed with open arms and lots of fanfare from the city. The Governor even gave me the keys to the city. I gave some speeches at the Academy of Fine Arts and Warfare and I took some classes in spellcasting. I also spent about a month helping clear out a troubling Fomorian incursion.

With promises to stay in touch, I continued on my quest to find Lisiantha and my son. So I teleported over to Mithrendain. Oh, how I wish I had made this trip here my first priority! I found out Lisiantha had been dead for two months, with Berrian and the 11-year old Paellias still in mourning. I arranged to visit them in their assigned housing. Prepared to do a verbal battle with Berrian (at the least), he greeted me warmly at the door, telling me to come in. (I lifted my right eyebrow.) In the next room, I saw a young boy studying and my heart raced. Berrian shook my hand and apologized for his actions at the Ruins of Fastormel, realizing he was wrong and stating he had been greatly affected by the area’s madness. He explained his current work with the Watchers of the Night and I was duly impressed. The whole time we were talking, I was watching Paellias out of the corner of my eye, who was also stealing curious glances at me. So when Berrian finally stepped back and summoned Paellias to come into the room and introduced me, Paellias held out his hand and said quite calmly “So you are my father, huh?” Evidently neither Lisiantha nor Paellias had shared that fact with Berrian, as he placed his hand over his heart, exclaiming “What! I had no idea!” Paellias was also using his mother’s last name, so I could understand that. It was an awkward moment, but we worked it out – adjourning to a local tavern for a meal and refreshments. Paellias quickly warmed up when he started telling me about his preliminary training as a Junior Paladin. I also watched his eyes light up when I told him of my recent adventures with The Blue Scarabs.

I stayed there with them for several months, after which I took Paellias back to Shinalaestra to meet his grandparents. Unfortunately, Lisiantha’s family had moved away from the city a few years prior. I enrolled him in school to finish his primary studies and promised to get him admitted to my alma mater for his career training. In honor of his mother’s wishes, I also convinced him to study Arcana and Religion.

Fast forward five years to 1023 A.G. – I have been appointed as Minister of Foreign Affairs for the city of Shinalaestra and Paellias is doing well with his studies and training. Turning 16, he requested (and was granted) the right to change his last name to mine. That was very rewarding. Paellias has accompanied me on some adventures in Arantus, as the city appears there each night in The Howling Woods. Occasionally we visit Berrian or he visits us here, he and I having developed a satisfying friendship. Twice we traveled to Forgehome to visit Agapanthus and his companions. In a few more years, Paellias says he wants to offer his services to Dog Boy – er, Prince Galerant. I shake my head in amazement at the fact that I have a 16-year old son, who seems so much more mature than I was at that age. He will leave one day on his own adventures, but I don’t look forward to that day. So for now I will live in the moment, enjoying family life with my son and my new husband, a Wizard who works with some kind of advanced scientific computations. I think he is working on a way to keep Shinalaestra in the Feywild permanently. It’s all quite beyond my comprehension.

I glance up to my beautiful Greatbow Namaarie, mounted over the stone fireplace and sigh. It’s been too long since we worked together my friend. I light a warming fire and as I settle back into my chair with a goblet of Elvin wine, I look back on my time with The Blue Scarabs and smile, thinking it’s about time we had a reunion.



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